The Saint Francis River

The St. Francis joins the St. John at the village of St Francis. From this point upstream it forms the border between the US and Canada. About 7 miles upstream is Glazier Lake which, other than a dozen or so camps at the foot of the lake is completely uninhabited giving the impression of being deep in the wilderness. This gem should not be overlooked if you are looking to camp in the wilds for a few days. Access is from the US side over lumber company gravel roads. A modest road use fee is charged.

In the late 1960’s muskellunge were accidentally introduced into the Saint Francis River and Glazier lake is the place to catch the big ones. Each August a group of local merchants puts on a 3 day muskie derby. Last year a number of 30 to 38 inch muskies were caught at Glazier Lake. Be forewarned though, the locals refer to the muskie as the fish of a thousand casts.


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